As the revolution in the printing industry took place

While black-and-white digital printing is expected to shrink, retail sales of color digital printing are forecast to reach 5.4 per cent between 2010 and 2015, according to compound annual growth rate. FIGURE: U.S. print on demand retail sales (2010-2015) meanwhile, actual production of color printers is expected to compound annual growth rate 15.1% ...


Development of ink-jet printing technology and equipment at home and abroad

Kodak Prosper 5000XL Color Digital Printing Platform offset class speed and quality, offset class low-cost, unique Kodak digital printing technology. Monthly production of 120 million sheets (A4 format) paper width: 648 mm image width: 620 mm printing speed: 200 meters per minute, can do two-fold, three-fold, four-fold printing Modular design, can achieve on-site upgrade to protect customer investment. Print quality over 175 LPI...


Changes in digital printing from electrostatic to inkjet in 2011

The same choice is also presented to digital printing enterprises. While we are all discussing the challenge and replacement of digital printing to traditional printing, the internal technology development and market development direction in the field of digital printing are also rapidly changing, companies need to make timely choices. A pharmacy that started in 1857, Ossi, Sardinia is now more than one hundred and fifty years old...



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